The home of Valentina and Voces del Sur. Folk music from Latin America, the passion and drama of tango and a dazzling voice born in the turmoil of exile. Welcome!

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A passion for Latin American folk music and tango? If so, you are home. Cantares is Valentina and Voces del Sur's  e-shop. Valentina Montoya has been singing South American folk songs since the early days of her family’s exile from Chile. Now based in Edinburgh, she fronts her group Valentina and Voces del Sur, which she formed with Scottish guitarist David A Russell. Following in the steps of her predecessors, such as Violeta Parra and Víctor Jara, her repertoire consists of traditional folk music from Latin America and her own compositions based on these genres. Add the passion and drama of tango to this alluring mix and you will find an authentic and dazzling voice like no other, born in the turmoil of exile. Cantares is the official outlet for her music, where you can download tracks or buy the physical albums (UK dispatch only).

“There’s something quite extraordinary about the range of sentiment and expression Valentina draws from a set of songs that are intrinsically tango-based, though the reason is obvious when you consider that these are based on stories from her own interesting life, from childhood in Chile to exile in England”. (Queen’s Hall, María de Buenos Aires article) The Scotsman

Queen's Hall, María de Buenos Aires review

The Scotsman

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Born in Chile, raised in England as a consequence of her family's exile, and now established in Scotland, Valentina sings the folk songs of Latin America and her own distinctive compositions. Her music has been described as 'the daughter of the Latin American Revolutions', and this is not without foundation. Valentina, daughter of an exile and political prisoner, sings with her acoustic guitar in hand and is accompanied by her equally talented Scottish partner, guitarist David A Russell. Her world is framed by the history of Chile and Latin America - her performances take you on a musical journey through the continent and a roller coaster ride of emotions. She prickles the hairs with subtle melodies about exile and solitude and thrills with her own powerful takes on songs like 'Hasta siempre', about Che Guevara and 'Las últimas palabras', an oral history song, based on the last words of President Salvador Allende. Wherever you are in the world, we are here to connect with you.